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Environmental Sustainability Program

The global investment community is becoming increasingly socially conscious in screening investment opportunities, and the impact of this reality on the oil and gas industry has been significant. It is evident that many oil and gas companies are not only enhancing their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance, but with the ever-changing landscape of how information is communicated in the world today, these companies are also working to be more transparent and diligent in communicating this to the public. Universal recognizes that the oil and gas companies cannot do this all on their own, and that there is an opportunity for service providers to the industry to increase their support in these endeavours. As such, Universal Geomatics Solutions Corp. is committed to do its part in finding solutions to help maximize beneficial outcomes in the industry’s overall ESG performance.

In 2019, Universal began strengthening its ESG by implementing a new Indigenous Inclusion Program, which has now been fully integrated into its operations. Upon yearend review of the company’s current ESG, the team found that another significant opportunity to augment performance is to develop an integrated Environmental Sustainability Program (ESP). Please refer to timeline below for ESP development progress to date.


ESP Timeline

April 9, 2019 – UGS Strategic Team begins preliminary research on Environmental Sustainability in business

 April 10, 2019 – UGS becomes a member of Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN)

 November 6, 2019 – UGS Strategic Team proposes ESP initiative to shareholders at Annual General Meeting

 December 18, 2019 – UGS Board of Directors Approves Development of Environmental Sustainability Program

 January 6, 2020 – UGS Announces Environmental Sustainability Program Development

 February 7, 2020 – UGS Officially Launches Environmental Sustainability Program Development with Employee Engagement Survey on Environmental Sustainability



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