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Locating Services


Locating Services

We offer comprehensive line locating services to construction, industrial, pipeline, oil sands and private companies throughout Alberta. UGS has the right people and resources to quickly access remote areas and deliver the results you’re looking for. We can provide on call and emergency call out support if you need us out there right away.

We provide stakeout reports, as-build surveying of positions, GPS mapping, and available site plans and digital reports that can be sent right from the field. This data can be provided to you in whatever format that you need.

Additional services: Stakeout reports, ground disturbance reports, 1st and 2nd sweeps, facility sweeps, depth of cover reports, geotechnical support, and borehole sweeps.

Safety does not take a back seat in the work that we do. Knowing what’s underground can save lives. It can also help avoid costly mistakes and create a clear picture that a client can confidently and safely build a project around.

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