Service You Can Build On.
Service you can Build On.

At Universal we are always working to ask the right questions, capture the right data, and provide the right solutions for our clients.

Select one of our five service categories listed below to see Universal's full service offering.

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OSE & SAGD Survey Services
Locating Services
Oil & Gas Surveying
Pipeline Services
GIS & Data Governance
Laser Scanning Services
OSE & SAGD Survey Services

As a Western Canadian geomatics consultancy, Universal has extensive experience with the unique needs of northern Alberta and the WCSB. We have a team that is familiar with the demands of Alberta's industry from surveying Oilsands Exploration to Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage projects.

As development of one of Alberta's most valuable resources continues, trust Universal to apply its expertise to your projects.

3D Layout with cross checks
Asbuilt tie-ins
Underground facility locates
Vertical Alignment for Modules
Calculation of layout from engineering plans with cross check

Universal Locating Services (ULS) - A Divison of Universal Geomatics Solutions.

ULS is proud to offer a reliable and dependable service to companies throughout Alberta. We have staff dedicated to provide independent location of underground utilities. Our Crews are highly skilled in line locating and use the latest technology to provide digital reports that can be sent directly from the field.

ULS crews are based throughout the province and have all-terrain vehicles to access remote sites. We can locate report, as-build survey the positions, and provide the data at your requested format.

ULS offers a comprehensive line locating service to construction, industrial, pipeline, oil sands and private companies throughout Alberta. We can incorporate GPS mapping to give you the information you need about your property. With our line locating service, you are guaranteed a thorough sweep, digital sketch, ERCB reports, available site plans and a positive attitude. ULS is a Service You can Build On.

Oil & Gas Surveying

With over 25 years of experience in the Alberta Oil and Gas industry, Universal has developed surveying for conventional oil and gas as one of its core competencies. We recognize that each phase of a project requires specific information for different applications and purposes during exploration, surveys, mapping, and site investigation.

With that in mind, our professional staff provides our clients with expert services throughout each phase of our clients' projects.

Pipeline Services

Universal is one of the industry leaders in surveying for big inch pipelines. Our field staff and analysis teams have worked on some of Alberta's highest profile crude oil pipelines in a range of capacities.

We have experience in almost every step of the pipeline development process from route investigation and site planning, to digital mapping and engineering surveys, to permits and applications assistance. We understand the challenges and priorities associated with pipeline development and construction.

Application Assistance
Legal, Construction, and Asbuilt Surveys
Auto Alignment Generation
Integrity Program Support
Front End Engineering and Design Survey Support
Mapping and GIS data compilation Support
LiDAR and Remote Sensing acquisition and analysis Support
GIS & Data Governance

With decades of data collection and digital mapping, Universal has an extensive database of geographic information available at its disposal.

We work with our clients to understand their specific project requirements and are able to support them by providing spatial information in various GIS ready formats allowing our clients to integrate the information without headaches into their in-house Geographic Information System.

GIS collation of asset data
Historical Alignment Digitization
Asbuilt Data Management
Regulatory Document Management
Technical Records Verification
Laser Scanning Services

Universal Geomatics is able to provide full laser scanning services to our clients. Laser scanning is a time and cost effective surveying technique that can provide accurate, comprehensive, and dense data capture coverage while minimizing risk hazards by capturing data from safe and remote locations. Universal can provide an extensive variety of available formats for laser scanning data delivery and can facilitate multiple applications from the same dataset, reducing the need for repeated site visits for additional data capture. Please take a look at the variety of uses for laser scanning services listed below or view our sample videos for more information.

Plant Pipe Work/Pipeline Surveys
Road/Topographical/Bridge Surveys
Mine/Quarry Surveys
BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Architectural Surveys
Historical Sites/Archaeology/Heritage
Monitoring, Deformation Analysis
Rail/Tunnel Surveys
Reverse Engineering
Forensic Surveys (Accident Scenes Record)
Factories/Manufacturing Facilities Surveys
Updating Assets Records
Insurance Records (Accident Scene Virtualization and Recording)
Site Visualization: 360° Dynamic Views, Real Time Inspection of Scanned Area
Service You Can Build On